Source code for “HEATTACK” shoot-em-up game

Many years ago I started to write a program called HEATTACK. The game is completely playable, minus a few key features. Apparently I never added a way to die, so it seems that the player has unlimited lives. Also, I never added a scoring system, so you can blow things up to your heart's content and never earn a single point. With all that said, it's really quite a fun little game.

I've decided to release the source code GPL. Feel free to expand on the game and finish it off if you like. If you do make any changes, please send them to me so I can update the original package.

Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP+
You can download the source code from here
You can download the playable executable from here

Originally posted 2005.
Source code written in 1999.
** Minor page updates: May 20, 2018.